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Local services in Carrington


The Council's mobile library service attends nearby Temple every two weeks on a Thursday.


Colin Doran has been coming to Carrington for around 30 years with his fish van. Typically arriving at around 4.30pm every Wednesday. Here he is parked outside the old school building.




Refuse collection, recycling and anti littering efforts


Refuse collection is every Tuesday morning, alternating each week between blue & red (general recycling and glass) one week and grey & brown (general rubbish and garden waste, the latter suspended over the winter months) the following week. To report missed bin collections, use the Midlothian Council Reporting Form.


There is also a bottle recycling bin and a textile bin by the Community Hall. The nearest Council recycling and refuse depot is at Stobhill near Newtongrange which is open 10am to 4.15am everyday excluding bank holidays.


Over recent years, the surrounding rural lanes have suffered from an increasing blight of fly-tipping and general littering. Fly-tipping can be reported on the Midlothian Council Reporting Form and, if it's on public ground, the Council will arrange its collection. They do not act if the fly-tipping is on private ground.


Much of the littering is recyclable drinks cans and plastic bottles with the remainder being packaging and containers from confectionary, fast food and beverages mostly from nearby drive-throughs. A few locals have now instigated a monthly or so 'litter pick' (which results in a lot of recyclables being recovered thus doing our little bit to help 'save the planet'). If you'd like to help or get involved, please contact:



Councillors and MSPs


Carrington is served locally by the Moorfoot Community Council.


Carrington lies in "Ward 6 - Midlothian South" for Council elections. There are 18 Councillors, 3 per ward, in Midlothian. Elections were last held on 5th May 2022. The next elections are due May 2027.


Carrington lies in the "Midlothian South, Tweeddale and Lauderdale" parliamentary constituency and its constituency MSP is Christine Graham (SNP). There are a further 7 Regional MSPs representing "South Scotland".



Carrington Barns Farm


The nearby Carrington Barns Farm is the home of Supernature which produces cold pressed rapeseed oil. They have a small shop where you can buy their multitude of infused and regular rapeseed oil products as well as fresh eggs.




Livery stables and other


There are nearby livery stables at Temple Mains farm and Thornton farm. The nearby Redside farm is home to J Dow Horseboxes.